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So TODAY is the day! The days leading up to today have been to say the least stressful and full of growth. I am so excited. The moment God put this project on my heart the 1st thing I thought was it will never happen, it happens for others, but not me “syndrome”. Well I met a woman who had a vocal ministry and she has so many struggles getting to it and I sowed a seed into her ministry. Not the very next week. I was talking to a producer who said he wanted to do a CD for me. Can you say WOW! It was out of the blue not even expected. Well To say the least I’m so excited I can’t really type much. Right now I have too many words going through my head. I want to thank my 1st real purchase my friend Katrina Johnson. For her to sow the seed into my heart and soul the homeless through the purchase of this CD means more to me than she will ever know. My sister Bianca has been by my side through this entire thing helping me put it together with words of encouragement all the way. So many times I wanted to quit. People with negative words people you would never expect to be negative. But GOD! I kept praying kept trusting and not my feelings HIM. YES It’s FINALLY HERE! MY 1ST CD RELEASE! It’s a wonderful composition of amazing popular hymns that come to my mind during my most trying times that I was taught by the church through the years. I sing them in private time with God and I pray they touch everyone who hears it and above all the money goes to the homeless ministry, both my passions wrapped into one.

God Bless you all



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So I took on one of many projects. This one is chickens. I had an idea that if we can get the chickens to lay eggs then we can use them to give to people who cant afford food as part of the ministry, Im also working on a very large (to me) veggie garden to fill the same purpose. Well my beloved furbabies got in the little cheap plastic fence we put up so we now have replaced it with a regular fence material. We had a very sturdy nice coop built for only $100 and we also bought material. We have food for them and I have raised them from chicks. But now we have 2 left. So I am looking for the healthiest I can find as well as what we feel is best and we also need some where close as well. Im reading now on integrating them. They need to be the same type as well as same age so I am also on the hunt for the same, not an easy job. Im determined for this project work.

The chickens are not easy to take care of though Im also tempted just to keep the 2 of them because the flies are less now it’s easier keeping it clean with 5 it was awful I was cleaning it all the time. So perhaps I will keep that one contemplating for now any how.


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Well it’s our anniversary and we have been married for 16 years and I actually thought it was longer LOL when you go through so much I guess life has a way of  adding more than one can take in a year. But none the less we are still here married 16 years later! Marriage has taught me so much about myself & others mainly it’s not about me at all my job is him 100% and even all I do for me is all for him and the same for him so it’s visa versa. Thus we are always focus on each other 100% of the time. HAHA in a perfect world yes but this isn’t a perfect world. We get selfish, we act dumb, we fight, we make up it happens less that we fight to serious extremes mostly nit picking on both ends we haven’t had a real throw down argument is over a year one of us always backs down and figures it’s not worth the fight. I love him more today than I ever have. I have seen my husband grow leaps and bounds. His growth in the Lord is one to be admired.  He can often times be accused of shoving religion down your throat but for him he is just discussing what he loves most and that’s The Lord. If that bothers a person they are right who they need to be around because hearing from a pastor or a person at all speaking The Word Of God should make us humble. Why do we live in a society where when a funeral goes by we are frustrated because of the wait instead of turn off our cars and radios get out and stand in honor of the dead. We also hear people speaking The Word of The Lord and no more listen or treat our preachers with respect we now treat them with isolation and judge mental attitudes. The very fact they still preach The Word among all that persecution is proof of their love for God and others he does not want to see anyone perish and he has lived long enough been to to many funerals and he knows death and accidents have no age, gender or race preference it’s an equal opportunity life issue.

I am so proud to be his wife. I have failed at so much and tried and failed and tried and succeeded all in all, what I do don’t make me a great wife or a proverbs 31 wife it’s why I do it that does. Because I love God and I love my husband and I want to care for them and do it through Christ & just when I can’t take it any more or life slaps me across the face I keep going because of WHY I keep going. THAT is what makes me a proverbs 31 wife.

I just recently started a group called (Virtuous  Wife Mess) Because we are all a mess. No one is put together and no one has it all in line. All of us are putting together a mess every single day and we put on the “we got this mess together” show for the world to see. How do we make it? Do others go through the same things? Where do I go when I need to talk and it not be momma or husband or church friend???  Let’s face it confession is good for the soul not the reputation. Church folks will be the 1st to look you all up and down & have a mouth full of preaching for you but the “Christians” are the ones who have a “ear” and “shoulder”. This group is for women who want to please God and who need a place to turn when the mess turns into a disaster to know that they are not the 1st to have a egg burst all over the microwave or loaf of bread loaded at the bottom of the grocery cart then sneak it back on the shelf to get a fresh one (guilty). Yet we are still Christian women who are striving to please God “Lord forgive me for the bread thing” but you get the point.


I guess my marriage has come a mighty long way and so have me and him. We have grown together through ;eaps and bounds. We have lost many battle lost many temptations but have also had many victories. Through it all We trust & serve God. We love Him and accept Christ as head of our family and my husband head of me. I’m so grateful to be the woman. I literally have been being protected by my husband for 16 years WOW when I think of that it’s mind blowing. He cares and loves me that much that he hasn’t given up on his end of the covenant either. He has been guilty of sin and so have I but yet we are 2 sinners that sharpens each other and is strong for the other when weak. Leaving each other or divorce is not an option, in one ear out the other, we WILL NOT quit. There are people who want to see you fail and the devil wants to see you fail, we have been broken, bruised, battered but we are still married and we are still keeping on keeping on.

Some things we do that keep our marriage alive and strong:

1. We pray together EVERY singe night, we DO NOT EVER MISS EVER. We have for years. Even if I am mad and it happens Clifton will pray while  my lip is stuck out and i pout like a 15 yr old until God in the middle the Holy Spirit  softens my heart and I then begin to pray also.

2. NEVER call people outside and discuss your marriage like, single friends, family members. Keep them out of your real life issues. Your bills your REAL LIFE. We mind our business they need to mind theirs. You have a issue TALK TO EACH OTHER OR TALK TO GOD OR SEEK HELP TOGETHER.

3. We do not have friends of the opposite sex. We don’t believe in it we don’t need it. Others can have their own opinion but bottom line is we do not. In fact we have few friends we tend to be each others friend and we are fine with that. The “need a friend” syndrome went away with high school.

4. We do not have “friends” that are single. We have zero in common and you can give me no advice for 1 your are single for 2 if divorced I don’t want your advice. I only visit with and have “friends with married women”. THIS IS who I have something in common with.

5. We pick a night either 1-2 week apart for just date night weather we dress up and stay home and cook and I decorate the kitchen like a bistro or we go out. No phone, PC’s, tablets, TV just us talking playing and spending time together. For several hours bonding.

6. We do Bible study together. God is the glue that binds us together, we faith fully spend time int he word together and alone. This keeps us on one accord and this is what get’s us through the tough times, we have The Word we BOTH read together to stand on. We do marriage lessons and they are fun and we enjoy them. We enjoy discussing God’s Word  together tremendously. I love to hear him minister to me. Him being my husband makes him the priest of my home. The fact He fears and honors and strives to obey God makes me only love him more and more.

6. We are active in a church family and are faithful in participating in church ministries, we do them together and as a female/male teachings. This is important for our growth through our walk with Christ and each other.

7. I will never down grade my husband in front of any one at all. You will only hear me brag and be proud of him. The Word says do not let your own lips praise yourself. I am my husbands biggest fan.

We know we aren’t perfect, we make room for error then get mad when the space for error is filled, we do and have let each other down but these things I believe are what has kept us together. Praying and having the communion we have with each other and God. This is what continues to keep us growing together where we never get satisfied and stop trying or thinking we are just too old. We can be like newlyweds only more in love than we ever where when we were newlyweds. At that point til death do us part was just words in a vow. Today they are our life.


I’m blessed to be the wife of a wonderful man and loo forward to my future with him as we serve God together our passion.



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We recently had a marriage Bible study together that asked what is a deep rooted issue you want to get out in the open. Here is how the conversation went.


me & Clifton doing Marriage Bible study before bed.
question is: what deep rooted problem do you want to discuss?

of course i go 1st 

Me: i make lists for you pf things you meed to do each day & when i say did you do it you say i didnt know i say its on your list you say what list 

Clifton: ok its my turn, my deep rooted issue is i don’t like lists

What this is the end of history I LIVE by lists how does he think I get all I do done :O Se we need to come to a compromise. We decided on a marriage list, one we both have part in so I can monitor the list to make sure things are getting done. So far family workout time this morning in the home gym went well.

I am anxious to see how our LIST adventure goes over the next week or so. Or how long THIS lasts rather. Our anniversary is tmrw WOW 19yrs and he still can’t comprehend lists, where did I go wrong :/

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It’s been a while

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Well it’s been a while since I lasted posted.  My life has been so busy it seems. Im trying to work take care of the home and husband while I run my business plus run the charity I had a fundraiser that totally fell flat in my face. Im convinced it was because I didn’t pray over it too much. But I have been praying over every little detail of my life lately. We have a new dog since Clarence has last passed she WAS a little girl now she is a brat ;P she is a mix lab and pit and she is a great dog. We found her with a homeless man that lives in the woods she was a puppy.  We HAD 5 chickens until the dogs by accident got in the coop and needless to say screaming, tears and a chicken funeral later we have 2 left Molly & Hariett. Not sure if I’m going to get more to add to it. My idea was to get eggs and plant a garden which I did to have food for those who can’t afford healthy food. Yea the chicken thing wasn’t the best or cleanest idea I have ever had :/ BUT I have them now and love them and we had a big coop built so the 2 girls have their own house and little yard.


Church is growing Its great. We  are very happy with the new place God put us, we are able to serve in the capacity God desires not us.

Now my little sister works for me, she is a joy to be around I love that girl so much. She is learning so much she soaks it up. I just want so bad to be a good example to her for life. She sees every detail of my life now and I pray its one she wants to follow as a Godly woman or someone trying to be as short as I fall :/ I pray out of all of it she get’s the main points. 1. I cant operate without God. 2. My relationship with God isn’t a Sunday thing. 3. I’m a normal person not perfect but striving to obey Christ and be the best example I can be for those younger women than me. I want her to know that ONLY God can rescue us and that our faith is in God not faith or others but in CHRIST.

I have ladies come in and out of my life all the time. I have a new lady in my life who I am talking with and God brings them all through but never to stay. I pray I can have some impact on her and be a friend while being a guide TO Christ.

Business is good TOO GOOD. I have a waiting list to use my services WOW! Only God does that. I also have a couple other businesses I am dabbing in right now as well. Anything to help bring in money for the homeless ministry without COSTING money.

Exciting stuff is this week is my wedding anniversary on the 3rd 19yrs of marriage. WOW!!! It has been a ride such a learning experience. To hold on through times that you just thought you would have crumbled under. But through it all we had God as the head and each other and we got through it. The longer I live the longer I am married the closer I get to God and my husband and the more I trust God and learn that my husband is not the source God is and I am his  help mate and he is my protector.

Well that has been life for me since I last posted. Im almost done with the “So Long Insecurity book 2 chapters left. Then on to another book. The girls don’t come to the proverbs 31 womens group any longer so I am thinking of trying to start that back up but I have to start with prayer.

WOW I forgot I am now a Christian recording artist :0 who would have think. I just finished my `st CD and it comes out this week. All the proceeds go to our homeless charity and our church. Gosh I guess more has gone on than I really thought Im going to have to keep up with this blog thing. I was never good with a diary so this is the longest i Have had one :P

the end love me!

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Ladies, as women we make things so complicated, so dramatic and so drawn out. Today let’s focus on the word “SIMPLE”. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. There is no extra words necessary. Let’s evaluate each situation today as it arises and ask DO I NEED to say something else or do I WANT to? Is this situation worth me making it bigger than it is, or if I stop while I’m ahead it will create peace for all. This type of restraint over your action can be done int he Lord. It is what we use to help us increase our spiritual muscles in growing & taming our flesh desires to say and do what we want to do. In order to complete this task today you will need to pray without ceasing and remain in a humble state as you are very aware of the Spirit dwelling in you and through you each hour some times minute by minute. As we do this we will be able to see & understand things in a new light. God’s light not that of our own. So today make it simple because IT REALLY DOESN’T TAKE ALL THAT! ♥

Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. Mathew 5:37

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Ladies our actions are our own choice. No one forces us to make our decisions. We choose our attitude & priorities. The world has their priorities & children of God have different priorities & they are based all around the love & service of Christ. Help me Lord to evaluate our actions, attitude, choices, friends & speech. My hearts desire is to please You in which I fall so miserably short of. I desire to kill my fleshly desires daily in order to become more like you mold me. I want all I do to be pleasing to You. Thank You for the love You give me through Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior. Change my desires to match that of Your will not mine even if Im left standing alone with not 1 friend for You said I am not a servant of man & a servant of Christ.
Lord put the love in my heart for not just those I get along with but those not even the worst of those in the world accept because that was me when I found You. For You saw in me what no one else even me saw. For You said You choose the things even the world finds as worthless to shame those who think they are wise in their own eyes. Lord I love You & humble myself as I know apart from You I will be as Proverbs says a dog that returns to its vomit, the lifestyle of sin & disgust that know repulses me. Give me hate for sin & desire to do good & honor You for I know on my own this is not possible for You said none is good no not one. Therefore without You my good is in vein to please me & get recognition from people therefore seeking self gratification. Never let me be stingy & greedy with the finances You make us stewards of. May we direct & use them as You guide us always making the kingdom agenda our 1st priority & our self last for we do not desire to gain the whole world & loose our soul. Lord use me & my husband to draw those who don’t know You to you. Use my husband to preach Your Word everywhere his feet tread. Keep him safe & so wrapped tight in You there is no. room for his flesh. Lord i love serving him. Make me through You the best help mate I cam be always putting His needs before my own. Lord we love You & Your The Glove that our marriage is wrapped in. Bless Your Holy Name Your worthy of Honor! Amen In Jesus Name’

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